The types of Tarps Available- Which Tarps are Ideal for Your Needs

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If you want to purchase the best quality Tarpaulins sheets, our company is the best option for you. We offer a wide range of options to our clients from which they can choose their desired kind of tarpaulin sheet.

Heavy-duty Tarps are most commonly used on daily bases, are a necessity tool providing protection against harsh weather conditions with 12mm aluminium eyelets at 50cm intervals with reinforced corners on all four edges. Heavy Duty Tarpaulins do not cover wear and tear or weather damage as they are made up of long-lasting, stronger material than other sheets, this cover is designed as durable and offers all around protection from water. These covers are totally waterproof, recoil evidence, Rot-verification and UV secured and are ideal for covering items and delicate harmed from awful climate conditions and daylight. 


  • Aluminium Eyelets at 50cm on each of the four sides
  • HDPE weave with LDPE lamination
  • Sturdy Corner Reinforcements
  • Rope Reinforced Hems
  • Tough spec 14*14 weave count
  • Waterproof
  • Rot-proof, shrink-proof and UV protected

Reasons for using Heavy-duty Tarps:

There are many reasons for using these tarps 

  1. Heavy duty tarps are design at high level and famous to use as market stall covers, garden parties, marquees and canopies, are also used to cover hay, straw tarpaulin, roofing tarp, boat covers, log store covers, and give waterproof sheeting where hardcore coverings are required.
  2. These are extremely flexible, are easily opened and make a structure within no time, easy to fold up and save when not in use. These sheets consume exceptionally little space license to convey with no kind of issue.
  3. Farmers utilize these coverings from multiple points of view and utilize these sheets to cover their homesteads when they expect downpours. These covers give insurance to crops and forestall possible misfortunes. Numerous farmers utilize these canvases to cover outside of the nursery's arrangement to guarantee the ideal temperature inside the arrangement.
  4. Heavy Duty Tarpaulin is best and ideal for outdoor activities, can be used on football and baseball fields as a temporary shelter and also used to prevent damage to plants in an outdoor garden. Are best to use as floor covering as are completely waterproof and used to cover your surface before you reconstruct or paint any wall.
  5. These covers are strong and can withstand harsh weather with a passage of time without posing any problem. Durability of these tarps make them widely favored in many fields, having strong field strength.
  6. These are widely used for many applications such as car covers, boat covers, windscreen, privacy-screens, garden flowers, warehouses, port terminals, canopy, tent, curtains, picnic mats, camping floors, wooden covers, port terminals, and moisture pad etc.
  7. These sheets can be easily maintained by simply keeping covers perfect as are intended to oppose soil and can be spotless effectively, as certain synthetic substances and toxins can develop on these covers.
  8. Are used for home renovation or in the construction industry are medium weight tarps as are high quality tarpaulins that provide protection from any kind of moisture, rain and water.
  9. These covers are used for disposing of large garden waste such as leaves or mowed grass and also cover the grass or any vegetable in bad weather like rain. The primary use of a tarp is to cover something from getting wet or dirty.
  10. Can provide exposure to asbestos, bird waste, lead and other respiratory irritants. These tarps are used to protect walls, floors, windows and even furniture during repainting.
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