Why The International Education System Is Becoming Popular In India

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Just like the best time to meet a requirement is when there is a requirement. So also, the best time to give your child a good education is when their learning potential is at itsbest. Educational professionals who work with children state that the early stages of childhood between 0 to 8 years are the most formative years in a child’s life, where children rapidly develop cognitively, intellectually and emotionally.

So, to put a child in the best international school, does well for the child from the very beginning, in not just boosting the child’s confidence but also in developing the child’s character, via that peculiar mold of finesse and sophistication which an international education would typically offer.

The Child Needs Individual Attention


In line with Article 21A of our constitution children between the age of 6 to 14 get free and compulsory education as outlined in the Right to Free Compulsory Education Act which was enacted on 4th August 2009 as an Act of the Parliament of India. However, there is a heaven and earth difference between an education which is compulsorily a right and an education which is a privilege. The former is done to meet a namesake political agenda without really focusing on the student as an individual, while the latter… an international private education focuses on the child as an individual, leveraging his/her particular strength to teach them the curriculum in a manner that is best for the child’s development.

So as opposed to a government school which has over a hundred children in class with their minds on everything but studies. An Best International school in Mumbai will typically not take more than 40 students in a class to make sure every child gets more attention in terms on studies and other required discipline.

An MNC Education Is Best For MNC Jobs


Though Government jobs are the most secure, most of the excitement in a work culture is in an MNC-like environment, which is why most people like to have their children start earlier at an International Private School, instead of have them feel like a fish outside water, which is the case of government school children who take up jobs in MNCs where they find it awkward to represent their company to a variety of audiences in manner that befits the legacy of that company.