Larimar Stone Sterling Silver Handcrafted Rings

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Larimar Ring is highly adored for their unique appearance and statement look. Bold accessories are the new fashion and people love their jewelry to clearly depict their personality. This crystal is rare and is found in only one place on the earth – the Dominican Republic the demand for t

The Larimar ring is the most sophisticated gemstone ring that can help in soothing life with its calming energies. The blue color crystal is the stone with the powers of fire and water from the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic. It belongs to the pectolite mineral family and has traces of copper inside it. Moreover, it can be worn daily and occasionally at business parties or black-tie events. This gemstone will help the person to speak and communicate openly with an open heart as it has an association with the Throat Chakra. Moreover, the person can have a sound sleep without having anxiety and stress problems by wearing this crystal. Check out the collection at Rananjay Exports.